Wednesday, February 3, 2010

SNOW DAY ...again

Well, woke up in the dark at 5am this morning... padded down the hall to the nearest computer, checked the Fairfax schools site... "FCPS schools are closed"... "YESSSSSSSSS"....padded back down the hall and crawled back into bed with hubby and dogger.

So, then we got up at a much more reasonable hour to 6 more inches of snow! And we are told we have yet another big storm heading our way this weekend... UGH! I think this Florida girl has finally, for the first time in the 12 years since she moved from FL to VA, had her FILL of snow!

But it sure is pretty today. It was a wet snow

so it stuck to every branch on every tree!

We still had a couple of inches laying

around from last weekend's snow.

But all of this was lost on my dogger, Yogi. He is just glad to be inside where it's dry and warm and snuggled on the back of the couch snoozin' away.

I'll bet he's playing in the snow in his dreams.

Don't ya think?

OK, I'm off to the sewing room!

Can't waste this unexpected day off!


  1. Oh Polly, how can you ever get sick of looking at that? It looks like a fairyland! Just gorgeous!

    Yogi would blend right in out there, LOL

  2. Oh I tell ya...I'm tired of snow myself. Today looks promising to melt away some of this past week's but now another coming this weekend as you said. We finally had a snow plow come through late last night. I've been in this house since Saturday! Today...with the break in the snow a grocery store run. Hee! Oh stitching on snow days!!

  3. This northern girl thinks the ONLY positive thing about snow IS that it's pretty, when it's freshly fallen. ~karen

  4. I am sorry for all of your snow. We've had a lot of cold this month, but so thankful for NO snow :-) Spring is on it's way!

  5. Too funny, want to know what I think when I see this photo of Yogi. He reminds me of the dog on that commercial where he keeps hiding his bone - from one place to the next; never content where it is.

    I appreciate the photos of the snow.

  6. Oh I love snow - just not the shoveling ;-) But its great to have snow days off - we dont have those in Germany. I only remeber once when our community closed the roads because of ice (couldnt even get out of the house without spikes on the shoes). Hope you had an great extra day off.


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