Tuesday, February 16, 2010


OK ... so when I sewed the scrap strips together the other day to make my spring purse, I had a thought. Scary, huh? :-)

What if every time you have leftover scraps beginning with your first project in January all through the year until your last one in December, you took your scraps and made a block from them. Pick a size- like 10" and make each block the same size. But you can make each one whatever block you want- a pieced block that you can get all the parts out of your project scraps... or you could try to make the same block for all of them... like make them all string pieced like the one above. Or all nine patches, or churn dashes, etc... However you choose. Then at the end of the year, you put them all together into a quilt- your own personal journal quilt for that year. So many quilts we make are given away to loved ones as gifts. This would still let you keep a little piece of all those quilts... to document your quilting for the whole year. Just a thought! Waddaudink?

This afternoon after I got home from work, I pulled out my copy of this Quilts and More magazine

and figured out how big I could make the Easy Irish Chain quilt shown on the front cover out of the Amy Butler "Love" floral I have on hand. I'm going to make it using only 2 fabrics- this gorgeous "Love" floral and an awesome purple batik.

I have enough to make a generous lap quilt which is just fine! So, I cut it all out and am sewing the nine patch strips together.
Will keep working on it tomorrow night!

Time to stop and watch the Olympics!! Have a great night!!


  1. that's a very good idea, and I can't wait to see your new 9-patch quilt.

  2. I really like the idea of the left-over scrap blocks, to make a quilt. I'm glad you're thinking!

  3. Fantastic idea...I think I spotted something very similiar at Pat Sloan's blog a long time ago called Calendar Quilt or something like that. I think it would be a fantastic journal.

  4. Okay, question........

    Did you get any sleep?

    Polly, you amaze me at the wonderful ideas that keep flowing on your blog. You certainly have alot of sewing energy and I love it !!

    Do you have many more years to work before you decide to retire? Because I saw what you did on your unexpected snow days off and you were sewing up a storm (no, not a snow storm..LOL). That must have been a taste of what you'll be doing when you retire.

  5. I got that very magazine because of the purse shown on the front cover (and because I like to drool over all the fabrics presented in each issue.)

    BTW--Love your new blog header!


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