Monday, February 8, 2010

White Winter Done!

These snow days are really keeping me sewing up a storm inside!
Yogi and I sewed all afternoon yesterday! :-)

Last week on her blog,
Sew Cindy showed us her completed gorgeous "Winter White" Scnibbles quilt. I had already bought that pattern, but had not decided what fabric to use. When I saw hers, I decided to make mine up in the Glace fabric too, which she had also used and the original one on the pattern photo had used, too. She used a brown fabric for the border and I chose a different blue one than the pattern photo showed.

I just LOVE this little quilt made in this luscious fabric. It was fun and easy to make. I cut out and pieced all the blocks Saturday afternoon and then completed sewing on the two borders and quilted it yesterday afternoon on my Bernina.

AGAIN, not sure why all of sudden Blogger is flipping some of my photos... any technogeeks out there know how to stop it from doing this??? It's beyond me! :-(

I kept the name "Winter White" because it is so perfect for a quilt made in these "cool" wintery fabrics during the Blizzard of 2010. I wrote all that on my label, as well! So, another project completed for February! :-)

Today, I'm still off from school...rumor is we may get off several more days as we are to get even more snow on Tuesday into Wednesday, so will work on that FQ bundle of pretty spring fabrics from the Full Bloom collection. I just finished my second cup of coffee and will be going upstairs to sew!! The federal government in the DC area is also closed, so hubby is home today, too!

I would have posted this last night, as I finished binding the quilt during the Superbowl, but just got too tired!! Hope you had a great weekend! :-)


  1. Cute quilt - looks just like mine. :-) I'm glad you're enjoying the 'winter white' days your area is experiencing. Stay warm.

  2. Your Winter White turned out so lovely. I made my Schnibbles using the same fabric and I LOVE Glace.

  3. Very cute! Glad you are having some fun sew days! :-)

  4. I loved Cindy's, I love yours! I will be making this one soon as well, right now I'm doing the Schnibbles "Picnic" pattern. Only they take me a week, not a day like you gals. LOL

    We woke up to 3 more inches of snow today! Unheard of around here!

  5. Your winter white quilt came out beautifully! Snow days are the best sew days! ~karen

  6. I too love the winter white quilt, so now I want to get that schnibbles pattern too.
    Give Yogi a little ear scratchin' for me! He's so he coming out from Under a quilt in that photo? Love it!

  7. Polly,
    I love it!!! And thank you for your kind words.

    I STILL love this fabric line. It's so "out of the box" for me because I'm usualy traditional reds and greens for Christmas but this fabric just "took" me and I LOVE it still.

    Like the blue you put on for your border.

    I think I just like the pattern as much as the Glace line of fabrics.

  8. Just love your quilt! I´m a teacher, too, and I envy you of the wheather and the snow, I wish we could close school and get some extra sewing time! Enjoy it!

  9. How funny to see Winter White...I mean, I just loaded one to quilt AND I have the fabrics and pattern to make my own after eyeing Cindy's too! Yours is whipped it up in no time! Yeah!!!

  10. I can't beleive you are getting more snow! I feel for you guys. But on the upside - it's a surprise "vacation" from work and look at all the sewing you are getting done.

    I love the little quilt - and that bag in previous post is super cute! You are inspiring me to get some sewing done!

  11. Very cute quilt. Yogi looks really happy with it too!



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