Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow Day Scrapology

Have you ever done this? I went into my sewing room Friday to start on a planned project, then ended up doing something completely different? I bought two pretty glass vases at Michael's to use in my sewing room. The smaller one is for my tweeners. Tweeners are small pieces of fabric I use in between pieced parts of quilts to save thread and also bypass the birds nest at the beginning of seams. See this old "tweener" post for a better explanation. The bigger one will hold my leftover binding pieces. I keep them if they are at least 20" or so- to use on small projects. I like the look of them both filled with pretty fabrics... nice eye candy.

Anyhoo, I was going through an old basket I had thrown all those bitty scraps and bindings into to sort them into my two new glass containers, and I found a little stack of Kaffe fabric scraps 2 1/2" by 6 1/2"... all in a little pile. Not sure what project they were leftover from??

But, when I saw them, I thought what a cute little purse they would make. My bee friends and I are hoping the weather cooperates later this month and allows us to drive to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show, and I could use a little bag to take to the show, for my phone, money and keys. So I sewed them together and grabbed some black and whites from my stash and machine appliqued 2 fun flowers on the piece.

I used a fusible on the back of the flowers to hold it in place until I machine blanket stitched around the edges. I just free-hand cut out the flowers- no pattern was used.

I soooooo do not understand why Blogger flips some you?

Then I used fusible fleece on the back of the piece and a pretty multi-colored thread to echo quilt around the flowers. Here it is from the back so you can see the quilting better.

I lined it with another scrap piece of Kaffe fabric. I used a big zipper at the top and only slightly boxed the bottom corners. I used a manufactured pleather shoulder strap with rings attached to each side. And I used several ribbon scraps to make a zipper pull. I like the way it turned out. It's bright and cheery!

I think it is the perfect size to take to the quilt show! It will be very light weight and will leave my hands free to fondle fabric and carry new purchases!!

It was an unexpected fun project just waiting patiently in my scrap basket to be born!
What did you make today?


  1. Oh that new little purse is adorable!!! I love the appl. flowers, the quilting everything-so spring-y! (thanks for visiting my blog--Yogi is so adorable, just like my Otis!) Aren't Westie's the best?

  2. Very cute! And perfect for a show~ how fun! :-)

  3. I love that purse, it's gorgeous! Great job!
    I've been working on my heart quilt today, getting it ready for quilting. Now you've got me wanting to make a bag. Oh, how easily sidetracked I am:-)

  4. Do it all the time. Love that purse!!! It's so fulfilling when and idea strikes you and becomes a success. Always makes me feel like a "genius". Well done! ~karen

  5. Clever and very cute zippy bag. I'd love to go to Mid-Atlantic one day but February is always such a dicey month for weather. I have a friend who has an amazing quilt that will be on's called Diana's Quilt. Look for it if you go. Stunning!!!

  6. Polly that bad is beyond cute! The black flowers absolutely make it!

    I love your vase idea too!

  7. Oh if I were attending the show this year I'd make sure to try and meet you! I'd be able to spot that adorable purse for sure! However...I am thinking with all the wonderful vendors you'll want a backpack for arms free shopping! (ask me how I know) Hee!!

  8. I love that new purse!! The appliqued flowers make the other colors POP!

    Great job!


  9. I just love an organic quilting project that comes together naturally and without patterns. Such a cute purse!

  10. How very cute. I love the flowers! What a fun project.

  11. That purse is just wonderful. I could see my daughter carrying it or putting it inside her larger purse to hold those personal items. What a great spur of the moment project.


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