Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snoooooowed In

It started snowing in the northern VA/DC area around 10 am on Friday. When we woke up this morning, we had about 20". These photos were taken around 11am today.

Thank goodness for snow blowers!!
It still took hubby 2 hours to do the
driveway and the doorway onto the deck.
The snow there was up against the door and
was over 3 feet because of drifting.

It finally stopped snowing around 5pm today

and the sky slowly cleared.

We got another 10 inches during the day today so

we ended up with around 30".

But the wind made some drifts almost as tall as I am!!

Yogi really wanted to get out there in it...but would have sunk waaaaay under! And when his fur gets snow in it, it makes little balls and has to be washed out with warm water. UGH! We worried all day about the power going did go out for a few hours during the night, but we were lucky that it was back on when we woke up! WHEW!!

Yogi is really loving his new bed.
It really fits his personality doesn't it?

Yes, that's his favorite toy... his duck.
He's a cutie patootie, huh?


  1. Polly, I am so glad to hear you're okay, and that you have power! But WOW that is soooooo beautiful! There's just something so pristine about snow, I love it!

  2. Wow! I couldn't imagine having so much snow! Yogi sure knows the best place to be.

  3. That is a lot of snow! :-o I'm so glad you didn't lose power all day! Yogi is adorable. ;-)

  4. So much snow, but I do love it. Otis finally ventured off the deck (I cleared him a little private area!) and he got stuck in a drift--looked like he was swimming in snow, he 'doggie paddled back to the cleared landing and hasn't ventured in again.
    Those little ice balls they get on their fur are a pain tho' aren't they?

  5. I haven't seen that much snow since I was a kid growing up by the lake outside of Erie Pa. Back then I loved it ... now, not so much. I'd much rather be inside where it's warm and not have to go anywhere :)


  6. Yogi looks so adorable in his new bed! Hope you are surviving the snow ok.... I know your area is not used to it like we are in New England...

    stay warm


  7. Wow that´s alot of snow within 24 h. I hope you are doing good out there!

  8. I had a Westie for 11 years (adopted him @ 4; he died @ 15 in December 2009). He loved the snow up till the very end. He would roll on his back & make "snow puppy angels".

    I love seeing the pics of Yogi; thank you.


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