Saturday, February 13, 2010

Washed Out!

One of the projects I listed earlier that I hoped to complete this month was a stack of fat quarters from the "Full Bloom" collection. Soft florals in both pastels and deeper tones in a very springy design full of flowers and pussy willow branches with birds and teapots really tugged at my "snowed-in" psyche... begging me to sew them up into something beautiful... so I did!

The fabrics were so pretty, I did not want to cut them up into tiny pieces and lose the gorgeous large scale designs. So, I stacked the fat quarters and cut off a rectangle strip on one end to make them into 18" squares. (I saved those cut off strips for a future project!! ) Then I divided them into pairs and drew a line diagonally across them and sewed 1/4" on each side of that line, cut them apart on the line, pressed them and sewed them together again making a simple four-triangle block.

I then sewed the blocks together, added a thin inner border then a wider outer border. I quilted the top then with large leaves coming out of the pieced centers.

After it was all quilted, I added the raw-edge appliqued flowers on all the block centers and corners with a raw edged strip of bright yellow fabric stitched into a curl on every flower.

I bound the quilt then washed it -which I never do!!! But I wanted the raw edges on the flowers to fluff, which they sure did! The quilt looks really old now... all wrinkly and textured! So it is done and ready to put out for spring!



  1. Spring is right in your hands - your beautiful quilt.

  2. It is gorgeous! The flower appliques totally make it!

  3. Spring...what is that? Oh and if you find it...let me know because I'd like to borrow some.
    Beautiful always!


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