Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No Mo' SNOW!!

Well, another snow day home from work to sew!! :-) Trying to stay positive about this! This was our street yesterday. Absolutely beautiful outside... bright blue sky and not a cloud in sight.

See the lousy job the county snow plow did on our street? My husband and several other men on the street got out their snow blowers and shovels and cleaned our cul de sac to make it drivable. Took them four hours to clear a single lane down to the pavement.

And the poor postman still had to park at the end of the street and
walk to deliver our mail. The snow is up the the mailboxes as it is!

We are worried now that this evening and tomorrow they are forecasting 12-20" more of snow for our area. Where will we put all this snow ???? The roads will be impassable again.

And there will be more power outages as this snow is also to be heavy and wet like this last one so more tree branches will come down on top of more wires. We have been so lucky in this - our power has only gone out for a little while a couple of times. There are so many folks in this area who have been out of power for 5 days now!!
My husband and I braved the roads today and got out of the house for the first time since Friday morning to get to the grocery store. Man, are they making out in all this snow. The parking lot was full and the shelves were pretty empty. But we got most of what we needed, so we will not starve!
I've got Italian sausages in sauce in the crockpot for dinner tonight and a coffee cake in the oven. My husband went to the wine store a few days ago, so, we are good to go! :-)
Wish us luck in the coming storm and say a little prayer we don't lose power!! nHope you are toasty warm where you are!! :-)


  1. Hey Polly, sounds about the same forecast for here-but only 6-10 inches. And your roads look like ours. It's just started to snow lightly a few minutes ago. We too are very fortunate that our power has stayed on. I was reading in the morning paper an interview with a public works director in upstate NY. The question was the best way to get rid of the huge piles of snow....he said spring.
    I wonder how in the heck any of the pioneers made it...really. Covered wagons, no plumbing, no maps... no microwaves, no deodorant--everybody in one little room..smelling bad. I'm going back to my sewing machine. Keep warm.

  2. Good grief Polly, you are getting slammed! Thank God for electricity! It's a beautiful thing to be inside all warm and cozy in that stuff, but not so nice if you have to get out in it!

    We got another 8 inches here as well, but much of it melted as it fell, since it was above freezing the entire time.

  3. And now it's our turn here in New England! You will certainly be glad when spring arrives, won't you?? Just keep sewing! ~karen

  4. Boy Polly, I think you will have bragging rights on snow for this year:) Glad you are getting some extra sewing time and hope your lights will stay on.


  5. Oh I feel sorry for you and all that snow! And the wet heavy stuff is not good for roofs either. :-/ Hope the predictions are wrong this time! ;-)

  6. I wish you all the best in surviving all that snow, and that the power doesn't go out.
    Rarely do we get that wet heavy snow where we are, it is too cold. I guess the cold is a bonus for us and I shouldn't complain.
    In Vancouver they are spending millions of dollars to truck snow in for the Olympics! ♥

  7. Goodness sakes, Polly, you may find yourself home from work all week, even if it does stop snowing because where on earth will they put all the snow to clear off the roads?

    I think you guys have had the most snow this year - even more than the northern states like Wyoming and Montana.

    Well, atleast hubby got the wine, that's the important stuff...LOL

    You're probably sewing, sewing and sewing - will wait patiently to see your next project.

    And hope your son is okay too, having electricity.


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