Friday, January 22, 2010


OK, so how many of you have watched the movie "Julie & Julia"? My friend Susan told me to see it at the last quilt guild meeting, so I did. I LOVED IT!! Doesn't get better than Meryl Streep, of course. But, boy did it make me want to learn to cook the dishes she made! Of course, all that butter would look great on my butt! :-(

So, what did I do??????

I immediately went to my Literary Guild book club website and ordered the books!! Both the novel and Julia Child's cookbook. So, when it gets here and I make one of her recipes, I can't wait to say "Bon Appetit!" I wonder how many Weight Watcher points one of those recipes has...

OK, so who wants to share a favorite recipe???? If you've never been to CJ Tinkle's blog, you should definitely go read it. Not only is she an awesome seamstress with her quilts and home decor items, she is a real gourmet cook! She has a recipe for German Rouladen on her blog today. YUM! Go check it out!!

Tomorrow is the Valentine Sewing Party. I don't really have any Valentine fabric or project to do, but DO have this awesome Schnibbles pattern to make in the same red/taupe/beige fabrics on the pattern photo! I love this little quilt, so can't wait to get started tomorrow morning!!

OK, so what are YOU sewing on this weekend???


  1. I loved the movie and all I can think about making is Beef bourguignon!

  2. Haven't seen that movie yet but I've been wanting too. I finished up a quilt today that I've been trying to finish forever. I'm doing some "monkeyfied" t-shirts for some of the grands tomorrow that I saw in a picture someone took when in a shop. And I do have some valentine fabric that I'm making into little pillowcase type dresses that the girls can wear with a long sleeve white shirt on valentines day. Maybe I'll get those cut out tomorrow too. Three days in a row of sewing room stuff for me. It's nice!


  3. dont count the weight watchers points when you make will just ruin the me....


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