Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Strip Twistin'

I took 2 nights off from sewing as they were my son Anthony's last nights home. He left this morning to drive back to VA Tech. The house is soooooo quiet (and clean) when I got home from work today. Yogi is sulking...which he always does for a day or two after "his boy" goes back to college.
So, after picking up the junk in his room and changing his sheets and cleaning his bathroom (UGH), I got to hit the sewing room and sew up some blocks for the Strip Twist jelly roll quilt.

The blocks were really fun to make, even though they required partial seaming. Aren't these fabrics just soooooo fun?


  1. Yes, they do look fun.

    Poor Yogi, give him some extra hugs tonight, bless his heart.

  2. I love the fabrics. It looks great.

  3. very cool looking, poor Yogi.

  4. Oh, I love your new project - it's sweet - perfect fabrics. Give Yogi a little nuzzle for me. :-)


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