Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mid Month Project Progress

I finished my "Nest" jelly roll quilt today! It is made from the "Strip Twist" pattern, so I named it "Let's Twist". I used a teal and green muted floral for the backing. I quilted it on my new HQ 16 sit-down machine. It only took me about 3 hours to quilt! Love my HQ 16! :-)

I free-motion quilted a meandering leaf design. I love doing leaves! I sewed the binding down during the Jets vs Chargers wild card game. I even made a label and sewed that on during the game, too. So it is ALL done!! Yessssssss! :-)

The Charming Girls Club moderator asked us to show some of the ways we use quilts for decorating in our home. That's sure an easy question to answer!! First off, every comfy chair and couch in my house has quilts draped on them... to be actually used for snuggling and naps!

I hang a small quilt over my fireplace mantle and change them out seasonally. This little snowguy was made of charm squares with button embellishments.

The large poppies quilt on the wall stays put there all the time. It is my husband's favorite quilt. I used a photo of it on my blog header for a long time! This photo shows a wrought iron quilt rack behind the chair which has about 4 quilts on it, an antique ladder with about 4 quilts on it and, my Kaffe quilt that is currently on my blog header, draped on the chair.

Then in another corner of my family room, I have a pie safe with tin punched doors FULL of quilts...about 25 or so in there! And my cozy blue flannel snowman quilt draped on my red chair where I do my hand-sewing and check my email and post to this blog on my laptop.

This oak quilt rack has 8 quilts on it right now...

shows six but a few are doubled up!

This little snowguy is hanging in my kitchen.

I use a quilt on my dining room table all the time.

This little watercolor quilt hangs over my living room couch. Thank goodness no one can see the pleats on the back. This was my second quilt and it was made before I learned about a walking foot. YIKES!

This rail fence from Alex Anderson's book was my first quilt. I planned to use it as a tablecloth, so it has no batting inside. It's on the sofa table in the living room. If you've read my blog for a while, you've seen lots of my quilts around the house that get changed out for the different holidays and seasons. Do you do that, too? Where do you use quilts to decorate your house?


  1. You have a lovely home, thanks for the quilty tour. I have quilts everywhere too and like to change them out with the seasons. I love the red poppies quilt too!

  2. Your quilts are just lovely everywhere in your house. I just cannot believe how many you have.I too use quilts in the lounge over chairs and the couch. Also on the beds. Have a few on the wall as well but from reading blogs I see in America you are very BIG on festive decorations and the seasons.I do Xmas decorations but that is all.I love seeing all your gorgeous homes.

  3. WOW - you got a lot of pretties around your house - I love it they way it looks. I only have 4 that I can call my own quilts and 2 of them already need to be fixed. I got a couple of tablerunners I do change from season to season. I still planing on making me a Halloween- and a winterquilt.

  4. nice use of all your quilts - everything looks lovely.

  5. Polly, I just love it when you show your beautiful home, always so beautifully decorated for whatever season it is.

    I definitely don't have the number of quilts you have - yes, I've made as many but they end up in the hands of the kids...LOL

    I'm just now starting to sew with intention of keeping for US. Selfish? Yes, but I don't care..LOL

    Your home belongs in a quilt magazine featuring your "works of art". I truly am in awe of your creativeness and your ability to so gorgeously display your creations.

    P.S. I see your blogoversary is nearing.

  6. Look at all those gorgeous quilts! WOW!
    You have a lovely home.

  7. Thanks for sharing your all your quilts! Congrats on your first finish...looks great!

  8. Thanks for letting us take a 'peek' inside your beautiful home that is filled with lots of lovely quilts!

  9. Wow! Those are all beautiful dispays of your lovley quilts...

  10. I have been a follower for quite some time, Polly

  11. WOW Polly!! Your house looks so cosy with all those quilts!

  12. I love all your quilt displays.....My son made me a quilt rack for Christmas but I havent gotten it yet...too heavy to ship...he is a cabinetmaker......

  13. Okay, first off I LOVE your Nest quilt - so very pretty, Polly! And, OMGosh -- love your decor! I think my favorite is the snowman with Crazy Eight! Thanks so much for sharing with us!


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