Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Sew- In

Today is the Valentine Sew-In! I'm making a beautiful red/beige/taupe Schnibbles pattern called Madeline. I bought the exact same charm packs that were used to make the one on the pattern photo.

Here's my sewing room this morning ready and waiting for me to start sewing. Love it when the sun comes in the window and shines right on me at the machine!

When I'm making a new quilt for the first time, I go very slow- always reading the pattern cover to cover to make sure I don't make mistakes.

I looked carefully at the tiny pattern photo and tried to choose the charms as the author did...using stickies to denote what each pile is for! Yes, I'm anal! :-)

Some of the gals participating in the Sew-In showed their refreshments and movies they would be playing in their sewing rooms during the day. I keep all my chick flicks right there in my sewing room... so I've got LOTS to choose from!! Think I will start with "Sense and Sensibility".

So, here are my piles of each component all cut out and ready to sew! After days of ice and rain, I am soooooooo enjoying the sun shining in my window. Yogi is too!!

OK, took a bit longer than it will from now on, but took my time to make the first block. I've never used the method being shown in this pattern to make the flying geese units. It's pretty quick and seems very precise....and precise is good!!

OK, one block done and eight more to go! I came downstairs to download these photos and do this quick post and eat some lunch. Time to go back up and get back to work in my sewing room! Gosh, I LOVEEEEEEE weekends!! :-) Be back later!!


  1. OMGosh! Yogi is a sweetie!!! And that Schnibbles is going to be beautiful! Party on! Time for a snack...LOL!

  2. You're meling my heart with Yogi - he's too sweet - helping Mom sew.

    Be sure to pop over to Kelly's blog to give her your link for the Valentine Sewing Party.

    I'll be back later to catch up with you and Yogi.

    I'm going to go attack my Doritos

  3. Love your sewing room, and your little Yogi. Have a fun day!

  4. Great project Polly and your block came out really nice. Have fun!

  5. It is beautiful-some of my favorite colors. What a wonderful sharing post for you. I love your comfortable room. No sun in South Dakota

  6. I love your tidy sewing studio. Can't wait to see your finished project.

  7. Your Little Companion is so cute! Looks like you had some great movies to keep you busy.

  8. your sewing room is awesome and I love your little companion! I look at the pattern once and then throw it all together doing it the way I think it should be done...we are total opposites...funny huh?


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