Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fall Mini-Quilt Swap Done!

I spent all day yesterday taking down all our Christmas decorations (9 big tubs) and cleaning the house and then putting out all my snowmen. Man, it took ALLLLLLL day to get that done. Real l l l l l y wanted to sew/quilt instead, but school starts back tomorrow, so it HAD to be done before I'm back to work.

But, this morning, after mass and breakfast out at Silver Diner, I went right into my sewing room and got sooooooo much done! I completely finished my Fall Mini-Quilt Swap project. Woot woot!! :-)

I'll be sending it on to my secret partner tomorrow. She lives in Arizona! Hope she doesn't read my blog and see it early!! It was a fun little project. It was a kit, which was nice not to have to select the fabrics. That always takes me forever! You, too?? It was just nice to start tracing, fusing, cutting and sewing!

I fused the applique pieces and then sewed around the edges with a colorful variegated thread.

I quilted the background using black thread, going around each fused object and then quilted some misty clouds, too.

I also used black thread and did a meander
around the striped border.

The backing is a favorite Halloween print. I love purple added to the traditional orange and black Halloween colors.

I have some fat quarters to add into the package, too.
Sure hope she likes it! :-)


  1. What a darling quilt for the swap. Mine is done as well. Need to get a picture up on my blog. Seems strange to send a "fall" quilt after Christmas but it so much fun to send and receive. Hope you have a great day at school tomorrow.

  2. What a cute little quilt. I posted my last week. So do you think there will be a winter one?

  3. Have to ask - is this a late Fall swap or an early Fall swap or "just a swap" named Fall?

  4. It was the Fall Mini-Quilt Swap begun the end of October 2009...quilt final due date is January 18th, I think. :-)

  5. Your fall mini quilt is just lovely Polly, I am sure your partner will be thrilled.

  6. super cute! Great job on this mini-quilt! I just mailed mine out to my partner a few days ago. These swaps are so much fun, aren't they?!


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