Friday, January 1, 2010

First Project Done!

I quilted my first quilt on my new HQ 16 sit-down machine. I started it last night and finished it up this afternoon, and sewed the binding and label on tonight. It was a pleasant experience with one exception. The quilt was my son's college T-Shirt quilt which was much heavier than a regular quilt, so moving it around under the needle to sew even a simple large meander was hurting my shoulders- especially the left shoulder I had rotator cuff surgery on a year ago. But, other than that, the quilting was so much easier having a much deeper machine throat to manipulate the quilt through.

I really like the way it turned out. I like it without sashing.

I used a modernistic stripe for the binding.

I used the leftover parts of the

t-shirts to make three throw pillows.

I think they look so fun!


  1. I am sure your son will love it, the cusions look great.

  2. What a wonderful quilt Polly....thanks so much for dropping by my blog.

  3. What a wonderful quilt for your son. I have been interested in the HQ quilting machine. What is the difference with the sit down model?

  4. The HQ 16 sit-down machine is the same machine as the one used in their long-arm version, but it comes with a 36" square table that it slides into and you use it just like a regular machine to free-motion quilt while sitting down. You could actually do it standing, too, if you wanted to as the table legs telescope up and down. I contemplated a long arm version...but even more important to me than the huge physical space requirement is how you have to re-learn to quilt. I like free-motion quilting in any direction I want...per area or block on the quilt. When long arm quilting, you must quilt in rows...which is hard to figure out if you are doing custom work in special areas that extend through several rows.
    I really like the machine. It is very smooth and very fast! Hope that helps! Thanks for reading my blog! :-) Polly

  5. Polly, congratulations on your machine and first quilted quilt. The t-shirt quilt and quilting turned out beautiful...I love those pillows.

  6. Ooh, Polly, I'm so happy for you. It sounds like you'll get alot of use out of your HQ16.

    Your son's T-shirt quilt is great. What did you use for batting and backing? I've never tried one of these so curious what you used.

    Stay warm.

  7. What a fun quilt and pillows. Such a neat way to preserve memories. Know your son will enjoy them.


  8. All,

    this is the proud recipient of the amazing t-shirt quilt!

    I love it and it stays on my bed here at school. All my friends are jealous and have told me they would pay her to make them one. The pillows were an especially big hit!

    Don't judge me if I've made any spelling or gramatical mistakes on this post - I'm not on my second degree or anything...

    Thanks again for the quilt and pillows mom - it was maybe the best xmas gift I've ever gotten.

    Love you.


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