Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Join the Friday Night Sew-In

I just joined Heidi's first
"Friday Night Sew-In"
for the New Year!

Click here to find out more about it and join in the fun!!

Hmmmm....what shall I work on that evening? So many possibilities!! Definitely something for my Charming Girls Club requirement!! Come on- join the fun!!


  1. Interesting.............I'll have to see if there's anything planned for that evening.

  2. Thanks Polly I have already put my nmae down.Like you I have many things I can work on.

  3. I wonder if a big glass of merlot with dinner that night will improve my quilting!! giggle! Worth a try, right? :-)

  4. Im so excited your joining us for our sew-in! now that xmas is over i cant wait to work on projects for me...


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