Sunday, January 10, 2010

Jelly Rolling

Wow, it's COLD here in northern Virginia!!!! Yogi and I were sooooooo glad to be warm and cozy in my sewing room! I started working on my "Nest" jelly roll quilt. The pattern is called "Strip Twist". It uses only one jelly roll!

I really like the method used in this pattern. It's very quick and easy. You sew three strips together- two medium or dark strips with a light strip in between. Then press, and subcut into 5 1/4" pieces. Then you split those subcut units right down the middle of the light strip. Cool, huh? The only drawback is partial seaming... but it's really no biggie!

The hardest part to me is the strip matching part... selecting the one light and two medium/dark strips to be sewn together. That takes almost more time than sewing them together!

Here's the pile of strips all sewn together ready to be pressed. I really love these beautiful fabrics. The colors are so vibrant and fun!

I used the same chocolate brown print fabric for all the little center squares. I can't wait to start sewing them together! But, alas, gotta go to work tomorrow, so it will have to wait until tomorrow evening! sigh...


  1. Very cute pattern. That will be a great stashbuster.

  2. Oh what a cute quilt! im going to have to add this pattern to my list. kimmie

  3. Polly I have the same pattern that I bought from Connecting Threads. It was a kit. I have not made it yet, but I loved it when I saw it in their catalog. Can't wait to see yours finished.

  4. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. It's going to be awsome:) I'll be so glad when the temperature goes up a little. It's cold --really cold!


  5. Sounds like it will go together rather quickly.

    I see something, someone - OH - It's YOGI - nestled in his bed on your sewing desk. How cute.

  6. What a great quilt.I bought a layered cake a few months ago because I liked it but have not found a pattern to make it up.

  7. Yum -- that pattern looks really cute, and I like the brown squares! Can't wait to see it all sewn together!

  8. I love this pattern. I've seen it a few time but you made it look so easy to put together. I also love you ironing board and have looked at getting a larger one, did you make this or purchase somewhere?


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