Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Finishes

These are my 7 finishes for the month of January for
both the Charming Girls Club and for OPAM 2010.
A good start for the New Year, I think!
Anthony's VA Tech T-shirt quilt

"Madeline" quilt from the Schnibbles line of patterns

My Fall Swap Mini-Quilt for my secret partner

Strip Twist quilt from a "Nest" jelly roll

100 Signature Blocks for the Modern Siggy Swap

My quilted Dustcover for my new HQ 16 Sit-Down Machine

And I finished my Woven flower Basket Quilt yesterday at bee.

(Not sure why Blogger rotated this photo?)

My last project finished for January 2010, label and all! :-)

Got to get busy figuring out what projects to complete for February!!

What's on YOUR list for February?


  1. Wow you sure were productive in January. Very lovely finishes.

  2. Holy Quilting Batman -- do your ever sleep! I love them all, Polly! You got so much done this month! I think my favorite is a toss up between the sewing machine cover and that Nest quilt! All very pretty! Way to Sew Polly!

  3. Congratulations on all your January finishes! The colour combination of the woven flower basket quilt is beautiful.
    I am hoping to finish a quilt and make a couple of bags in February.<3

  4. You brought in 2010 with a bang! Woo Hoo! Keep it going!!

  5. Whoa, Polly, what a productive January - a beautifully productive January !

    What's sad is I've never made a cover for my HQ. You've given me inspiration to do so. Yours is so nice and practical.

    Thumbs up to you this month !!! Way to sew.

  6. Wow,you sure were busy! Great job!! I love the flower baskets!

  7. Nice job Polly. All that and teaching every day (except for snow:)). You stayed busy.


  8. Beautiful finishes! I have got to do some of these schnibbles. I just love your header.

  9. Wow! great start for the new year. I love the schnibbles "Madaline" quilt, oh heck, I love em all. You have a lot of variety in your patterns/fabrics etc.

  10. Holy Cow! You do wonderful work! I just love that Nest quilt!!!

  11. You have been one very busy girl Poly, they are all just so lovely....Peg OPAM 2010

  12. Wow, it would take me 7 months to finish 7 projects. Good job!

  13. Wow! You're like superwoman. Everything looks great.

  14. I'm impressed to say the least. Congrats! Your Madeline is fabulous.


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