Monday, January 4, 2010

A Good Idea

I put my new HQ 16 sit-down quilting machine in a corner of my dining room after I got it for Christmas. I have always quilted in my dining room table using my Juki... so I just figured I'd keep on quilting in there on my new machine. So far, I've only quilted my son's college T-shirt quilt on it. Here it is in my dining room.

Then my dear husband suggested I bring it upstairs and put it in our computer room which is right across the hall from my sewing room. WOW! What a great idea! We never use that room except to write bills every now and then, so what a perfect place!

So, here it is now upstairs in the computer room. I bought a new little rolling plastic shelf unit and a garbage can today to keep there, too. I am good to go there, now!! :-)

Tonight, I made a quilted (of course!) cover for it. Dust likes my house for some reason! I had a yard piece of this awesome Alexander Henry sewing print in my stash. I used a white with black polka dotted fabric for the backing/lining. I quilted it with a black and white variegated thread in loops that looked like tangled thread... so fun! So, this is the second thing I quilted on my new machine! I've got to give her a name...any suggestions?

So, now that my new machine has

found a perfect spot in my home,

what should I make next????????


  1. Are you that lucky you have no UFO's to finish?? I have several so am going to get on with them first before I start anything new.

  2. I'm sure you can think of a Valentine tabletopper or quilt to make. You are SO creative, you'll have a top whipped up in no time ready to uncover the HQ again.

  3. I have a question that I hope doesn't sound dumb...can you use the hq16 without a quilt frame? I would love to have one, but thought it would take up a whole lot more space. Just curious. I am enjoying your blog for the first time! Great stuff here.


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